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Our experience in nondestructive testing really comes to the forefront with our NDT consulting services; we define them as another core technical service. Whatever level of maturity your NDT operations are, even if they don’t presently exist and your organization is considering to develop or bring that capability in-house, we can help. Our NDT Level III consulting services will help you insure that your NDT program meets or exceeds all internal, prime contractual, and regulatory requirements.


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NDT Training


We believe our industry experience is our greatest asset, an asset that can’t be purchased or learned in a classroom. It is an asset that has been accumulated over time in the field. Our instructors incorporate day-to-day experiences and challenges into the classroom environment to better share that core characteristic. We offer both on-site and off-site NDT training courses designed to meet or exceed all current revisions of SNT-TC-1A, NAS 410, and EN 4179.

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We have a long history of conducting Audit services on manufacturing processes of all types, are thoroughly familiar with the Nadcap certification process and the individual requirements associated with it. Our Engineers have extensive real-world experience in many of the processes comprehensive to the Nadcap system of accreditation, including checklists used by Performance Review Institute.

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